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Nowadays, people rely on internet to get facts, instructions, information, ideas, news and a whole lot more. It is somewhat more convenient, fast and indeed the easier way of retrieving information compared to doing it the old school way of gathering hard facts. However, did you notice that somehow, we are equating truth with convenience which should not be the case?

Just take a look at the various death hoax roaming the internet these days; even celebrities and known personalities fall as victims… and you know what’s worse? People BELIEVE these lies.

Internet plays a significant role in businesses and marketing since the early 2000’s. Hence, every year, various companies may they be large or startups rely on the internet to reach larger demographics when it comes to advertising their products and services. It is indeed a positive aspect. Companies may reach certain countries or areas that are unreachable if not thru the world wide web. Larger target market = Bigger sales!

However, truth can be greatly seen; not all companies and businesses use internet marketing the RIGHT way. Why is that so?

Blame it on the tough competition and unprofessional industry competitors.
More so, the higher the business climbs, the more they are exposed.

So what all these have to do about Desmond Ong?

See… I am here to explain to you the truth about all of the allegations which are currently surrounding Desmond’s name, his company and his products and services.

Desmond Ong is a best selling author. He is also a well-known international speaker and mentor. He coaches hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs across the globe. He became a millionaire at a very young age. He is a philanthropist. His mission is to empower others to pursue their life’s purpose.

Is Desmond Ong his real name?

Of course it is. It is indeed his real name. Desmond Ong is Desmond Ong. He does not use pseudonyms or pen names even as an author, unlike others. It is indeed his birth and real name.

What makes Desmond Ong one of the best-selling authors of all time?

You see, he wrote the book Against All Odds so that he could show others his journey and how success doesn’t come without a couple of failures. That no matter what your age is, if you work hard for your dreams, you will definitely make them come true.

Perhaps, this aspect contributed to the huge sales of Desmond’s book. There are thousands or even millions of aspiring entrepreneurs nowadays, and reaching over 1 Million in sales at a very young age of 21 made it all possible.

Desmond Ong: The Early Years

Desmond Ong may have started his online business when he was still in secondary school, but it took him a few years – and a massive stroke of luck – before he realized how to make money from it.

Desmond Ong and his passion at such a very young age

His family had been running a leather goods business, but it had collapsed in the face of the Asian financial crisis in 1997.

To support his family, he found work at a steamboat restaurant, where he would clear tables and wash dishes after school every day. There was grease everywhere, so the labour was back-breaking. To make matters worse, he was paid only $1 per hour. He gave half of his salary to his parents and used the remaining money to pay for web hosting fees, which allowed him to keep his blogs online. But his mother was less enthusiastic about his ‘hobby’. Little did she know that Desmond had been attending school without a textbook. He felt that it was too expensive and didn’t want to trouble his parents to afford one.

Worried that he was spending too much time on blogging and not enough time studying, his mother tried to ‘sabotage’ his online business.

The Turn of Events

Desmond sold his blog,, for $300. It was the largest amount he had made from his online business. Excited, he shared his experience – more precisely, how he managed to sell his blog for $300 – on the same Internet forum. As his story became more and more popular, another member of the Internet forum advised him to package his knowledge into an eBook. His first eBook, at just 5 pages long, sold $1,500 worth of copies. Sensing an opportunity, he created a longer version of his first eBook and made $3,500 from it. An even newer version of the eBook garnered $11,500 in sales. By 21, just 6 years after he started his online business, Desmond had become a millionaire.

Today, Desmond is the owner an online business empire, with over a million to his name – and people from all over the region queuing up for a chance to learn the secrets behind his success.

Desmond Ong and Chromabit

Desmond Ong owns Chromabit. He is the CEO and founder of Chromabit Ltd., a leading company in Internet Marketing & Online Publishing. Prior to this, Desmond collaborated with experts and leveraged their knowledge in many different niches to create information marketing materials for professionals.

Thru this business, he can help up-and-coming entrepreneurs receive the education, resources, and training they need to start building six or even seven figure online businesses. He provides digital tools, marketing platforms, webinars, seminars – even sometimes for FREE!

Desmond’s personal journey to success was frequently stalled by the fact that he had to learn everything alone… from scratch, and so he made it a mission to mentor others and make sure they are always on the right track.

Why is Desmond Ong Tagged as a Scammer?

In the above video, Desmond explained the truth about the Defamation of his name and why others have the time to do it (marketing strategies) the dirty way.

People nowadays especially the ones in the same industry are taking their time to damage the reputation and the names of those who are on top. Why? Because they want to get more sales! Hence, they are doing it the wrong way.

If you are a business with a clean mission and a genuine vision, would you lower yourself just to drag others down?

Desmond’s story is achievable… but honestly, not everyone can attain it.
Hence, the “draggers” and the envious.

I would not say that Desmond is lucky. Lucky is a term for those who perhaps did not try hard enough but reached the end of the tunnel anyways. He is not lucky… really. He is a hard worker. He worked for everything that he is experiencing now; the fame, the luxury. He deserved these. He tried his very best to reach the top… and he did it solo.

If you will try to google Desmond’s name, you will see negative reviews about him. Others say that he is a SCAMMER, a fake person, a person whom you should not trust. On the other hand, you will notice that they are keyword-laden. It helps, you know… crawling the search engines way better! Stuffing those articles and blog posts with such keywords and fake negative reviews would mean Desmond’s clients buying their offers instead. More about this in this post.

Furthermore, if you are taking a wild guess why do these “informative websites” create this type of strategy…. That is because…

  • For their business to rank high using author’s names
  • To discredit their competitors and tell people to invest in them instead
  • Because they are extremely bias and they have their own agenda
  • Because their job is to sell fear to people who google these speakers/authors

Unfortunately, this is how marketing works now. This is the current trend. Damaging other’s name just for the sake of sales…. I have seen hundreds of these. From celebrities, authors, business people, famous people, and so on and so forth. Scary isn’t it? You might just land a webpage too one day… from those people who probably are educated but do not have a sense of responsibility and are ill-mannered.

Too bad… that’s how these businesses and people want to be known.
Name defamation it is! So unprofessional!

The Issue of Online Defamation

The world wide web is surely an extraordinary thing for individuals and society when all is said in done, however they are likewise a particularly viable rearing ground for possibly hostility.

Many individuals have learned that the internet enables individuals to talk their brain too effectively. The web is packed with fascinating sites where somebody could deliberately or unintentionally leave a conceivably defamatory remark or post.

While some sites screen posts for fiery or unlawful substance, the screening is not capable of inspecting each article for possible defamatory content, thus numerous defamatory postings wind up on the web (eg: fake negative reviews).

As a matter of fact there were some known court cases which involved name defamation:

  • When the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed a suit against two companies and their principals over a “gag” clause aimed at preventing negative reviews.

On Sept. 24, 2015, the FTC filed a complaint for permanent injunction and other equitable relief against Roca Labs, Inc., Roca Labs Nutraceutical USA, Inc., Don Juravin and George C. Whiting (hereinafter referred to, collectively, as Roca Labs).

The FTC accused Roca Labs of attempting to dissuade customers from posting negative reviews, not to mention the baseless claims on their products which are the weight loss supplements guaranteed to be an effective alternative to bypass surgery. More about this story here

  • When Ava Bird published a negative review against Dawn Hassell.

Dawn Hassell is the managing attorney of the Hassell Law Group, a California personal injury firm. Hassell and her firm represented Ava Bird during the summer of 2012.

However, after 25 days, Hassell withdrew from representation. In January 2013, Bird published a negative and allegedly false review about her experiences with Hassell and her firm. More about this story here

  • When Jessie Ventura sued Chris Kyle over American Sniper.

Jessie Ventura defied all the doubters when he claimed he had been defamed in a best-selling book. In 2012, Ventura sued Chris Kyle, a former Navy SEAL member, claiming Kyle’s book, “American Sniper,” included false passages about him. While there was proof in the book, he was alluded to in one chapter called “Punching Out Scruff Face.” After the book’s release, Kyle mentioned that he was talking about Ventura in the chapter. Jessie then told the court that if Kyle apologized for making up the story, then he would not have sued. He was then awarded $1.8 million.

  • The accusations to Mark and Rhonda Lesher.

Mark and Rhonda Lesher of Clarksville, Texas, filed a suit against anonymous commenters who accused them of being sexual deviants, molesters, and drug dealers on Topix – a huge local forum site. The Texas couple was then awarded $13.8 million. More about this story here

These are only four living examples on how name defamation happens – may it be online or offline. It has been there since the early years, and until now, defamation exists. It just so happened that nowadays, it is easier to do it over the internet… no actual face and name needed. Everyone can damage one’s reputation with just a click!

Defamation of character is unlawful. It is an unprofessional practice if you want to grow your business too. You may not be sued if there was no case filed, but by knowing and seeing how unethical your marketing methods are, why should prospective clients trust you?

Come and See the Real Desmond Ong Today

There’s too much fake news… Anyone can just be so good at doing bad things. It is now the perfect time to stop this “trend”, clear your thoughts and for once…. experience on-hand how it is to REALLY be a student of Desmond Ong.

If you want to know the truth and nothing but the truth, why don’t you come forward and attend one of Desmond Ong’s events? In that way, you will be able to meet him, speak to him, throw your questions out and even experience the success that his students are experiencing.

Still doubting?
That’s fine. We can not please everyone.

But please… don’t believe everything that Google tells you. If you are suspicious on things, then come out and experience them personally. Do your own research. Gather hard facts, and do not rely on fake digital information that the world wide web is feeding you.

Desmond Ong is just a young, successful entrepreneur who wants to help you change the way you look at business; on how you successfully can create money. He is here to inspire young entrepreneurs or even you, to be proud of who you are and to allow you in expanding your horizon and enjoying more of the life that you deserve.

We all know that the competition is tough and that the market is stiff. But he is not here to push other businesses down. What he can offer you are his genuine business, his great tools and products, his dedication and passion that will really help you in creating your own dream business.

Desmond Ong Loves His Students

Believe me, who wouldn’t love Desmond Ong? If you are a passionate student, a serious entrepreneur who only wants success – then you definitely would love how Desmond cares about his students.

His support does not stop from you, attending one of his events. He will be there for you even after the event is done. He will support you and guide you all the way through your success.

Now the question is – are you ready for Desmond Ong?
Coz’ he is definitely ready for you!

Desmond Ong is indeed one passionate soul. He has this gift of inspiring other people in pursuing what they are afraid of. He does not belief in comfort zones, for comfort zones will not take you into greater heights.

With Desmond Ong as your coach, you got to have the drive. You got to have the dream, the fire in you. Laziness is a huge no-no. Do the best that you can do and certainly – success will follow.

Desmond Ong is Indeed an Inspiration

Watch the videos below and know what others say about Desmond Ong.

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Justin B. on Desmond Ong

Steve Troutman on Desmond Ong

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Samir From Brazil

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